Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 1

The books that were read this week were all about one of my favorite authors. Dannika Dark. This chick really knows how to write a great read. Shine is the book of choice and it was just an amazing closer on one set of people. Silver's story seems to be over but all of the other characters are set up for stories of their own now. I can't wait to see what else is to follow with Sunny, Kane, Novis, Adam, and everyone else.

here is the post that I put up on the R4 spot
This week I read from 9pm until midnight on Sunday. I was caught up in the book "Shine" by Dannika Dark. It is book 5 the final book for the Mageri Series. I read books one through four again the week before to prepare for the closing book and just couldn't put it down. This series is a Paranormal series about a girl named Silver who is a Mage. She is turned into a mage against her will by someone that wants to use her power. She has a guard who is a vampire, a boyfriend who is a Chita, and a brother who is a wolf shifter. I won't spoil any of the books by telling you what happens in the last book but I will suggest that you buy book one and get hooked like I did. 

I also read for about 30min on tues-fri with a few books that where free on amazon.

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